Spice Up Your Sheet Life: My FREE Ebook

Here it is folks! Don’t delay, spice up your sheet life today!

I’ve released my first ebook: a free, 79-page guide to 35 interesting and somewhat unusual tips and tricks for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Grab yourself a copy today, for free, with the form at the end of this post.

Spice Up Your Sheet Life Ebook

Spice Up Your Sheet Life Edition 1

This book contains 35 detailed case studies, covering practical and esoteric, easy and difficult, short and long, Excel and Google Sheet tricks and techniques. My hope is that you’ll find some magic in these pages, to inspire you or show you new ways to use spreadsheets you didn’t know were possible.

For example, did you know you can build a language translation tool in a Google sheet? Or create a chart of stock prices in under 30 seconds? All possible and covered in these pages!

Thank you for all the great excel “hacks” and so on!!! It’s really helpful. – A reader from Germany

What about other weird tricks like looking up leftwards with VLOOKUP? Or lookups with multiple criteria? Writing SQL code in your spreadsheets? Check, check and check. All possible and covered in this book.

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Some recent comments from readers:

Great! – A reader from Melbourne, Australia

Wow! Really nice job – A reader from Washington, D.C., USA

Already am enjoying it – A reader from Virginia, USA

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