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During the final quarter of 2015, I taught General Assembly’s new Data Analytics course in Washington DC. It’s a 10-week, part-time course, meeting twice a week for 3 hours (60 hours total tuition).

The course focuses on practical data analysis skills using Excel, SQL and Tableau, with no pre-requisites for SQL or Tableau.

It’s been a phenomenal experience to teach and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity. I’ve worked with a wonderful co-instructor and we’ve had a brilliant group of students who have created awesome projects and asked insightful questions throughout.

Over the past 10 weeks, I’ve been curating a list of high-quality resources for continued learning and inspiration, for both GA students and anyone who wants to improve at Excel, SQL or Tableau.

Here it is:

Excel resources

For a list of advanced Excel use-cases (functional-programming, spreadsheet standards, art, music and more!), have a look at this post.




Data Visualization

Case Studies & General Articles

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Data Analyst’s Bookshelf

I have these books sitting on my bookshelf at home, so I can personally vouch for them:

Storytelling with data Tableau 9 Official Guide

16 thoughts on “Data Analytics Resources”

  1. This is amazing. Thank you, Ben, both for teaching a phenomenal course but also for providing this great resource list. Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Excellent resource page. It is surprisingly difficult to come by good resources in this field, especially those which are useful for the everyday analyst.

    If you can master the handful of topics through the linked resources, you will be far ahead of most people who work with data for business. Bravo!

  3. Hi Ben – found you through your post on LinkedIn – re point 1 of the BIG35 – what you are saying is perfectly true – however it is only part of the story (or part of the big trick) – you are stating that Ctrl + arrow keys will take you to the end of a range and back to the beginning; correct; but: I would word it differently: those key combinations will take you to the last cell with content in an array – if pressed again it will take you to the last cell without content – this will repeat again and again and is extremely useful if you are compiling different sets of information in one sheet, but separate them with either blank rows or columns. It is the 4rth fastest means of navigation after macro, hyperlink and names. If there are any questions on this, you are free to publish my

  4. Fantastic resource, I had to post it in one of my Quora answers and repost it on my reposting blog! Really liked your post on how to format your spreadsheets so they look great! Can I suggest that you put a link back to this blog inside all the sheets you share?I’ve been collecting various templates and have noticed that some people are very good at branding their templates but others, not so much. There have also been situations where I made a mistake and want a fresh template or wish to re-read the article but I can’t remember where it came from and I can’t find it via search. Deb

    1. Thanks Deb! And thanks for the tip, it’s a great idea, one I’ve been meaning to implement but keep forgetting. Thank you for reminding me 🙂

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