How do I zoom in or out in Google Sheets?

Under the menu View > Zoom you can control the zoom level of your Sheet, from 50% up to 200%:

zoom in google sheets

Browser zoom

You also have the option to zoom in or out with your browser:

Browser zoom in Google Sheets

In Google Chrome, try the following menu options in your Browser menu:

View > Zoom In
View > Zoom Out

or use the shortcuts on a PC:

Ctrl and +
Ctrl and –

or on a Mac:

⌘ and +
⌘ and –

In the main bar of your browser, on the right side next to the bookmark star, you’ll see a magnifying glass and an indication of what zoom level you’re at (see the image above). There’s also a quick option to Reset back to 100% zoom level.

Zoom status in Google Chrome browser

Pro tip:

To quickly enter full-screen mode on a PC, press:


or, on a Mac, press:

⌘ and Ctrl and F

Press these same shortcuts again to exit full screen mode.

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    1. Hey Nick, thanks for the heads up on this! I must have missed the announcement you could do this. (You couldn’t when I wrote this article.) I’ve updated it.


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