Collins Analytics LLC Consulting

Please Note: I’m not taking on new clients at the moment. I’m focussing on creating new online courses.

However, I’m happy to introduce you to an associate of mine who runs a Google Workspace consulting firm. Please complete this form as the first step.

Data Analysis, Visualizations, Dashboard and Application Development using Google Sheets, Apps Script and Data Studio

Nowadays even small businesses generate large volumes of data.

Understanding that data and using it to your advantage can put you one step ahead of the competition, but that requires time and expertise, which diverts resources away from what you do best, your core business.

Data can give you new insights into your business and help you make informed choices, leading to potential improvements in your bottom line.

Why work with me?

I have over a decade of experience working with Excel and Google spreadsheets, in my prior career as a Forensic Accountant and more recently as a freelance spreadsheet developer.

I’ve been developing spreadsheet applications for many years, using VBA back in the day, but now exclusively focussed on using Google Apps Script.

In addition, I’ve written over 100 articles on this site and elsewhere, including many how-to tutorials on working with data in Google sheets.

Example Projects:

– Building custom data pipelines to connect a client’s platform to Google’s newest data reporting tool, Data Studio. These projects involve writing Apps Script programs to connect to the client’s platform API and pipe that data through to Data Studio for visualization.

– Creating a custom “fuzzy” searching program inside of a Google Sheet using Apps Script, so a client could match songs and artists across different charts. This helped save the client hours of tedious and error prone work every week.

– Performing data analysis and creating visualizations for a client during their 3-day digital product sale. This helped focus marketing efforts by identifying the best channels and times for promotions, as well as providing all members of the team with a real-time view of sales progress.

– Creating dashboards showing key financial metrics and sales agent metrics for a real estate client. Helped client move from viewing rows of data in a spreadsheet to seeing that data in a visual format. The sales agent dashboard consisted of weekly, monthly and yearly leaderboards, on display to the whole team, to show progress and motivate the team.

– Analysis of customer order data to calculate estimated lifetime value, retention rates and churn, for a food delivery client. Tasks included data cleaning, writing custom queries in MySQL to calculate a number of different metrics, including retention, churn and lifetime value, creating data visualizations and report writing.