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Example: Google Sheets Tips email #25

Neat trick with freeze panes

🔥 TIP: Quickly drag the column header row down to freeze panes.

Freeze panes is a useful and simple technique to lock the top row (or rows) of your spreadsheet, so that they remain in view even as you scroll down your datasets. You’re effectively anchoring them in place.

It’s really useful because you can keep your column headings in view as you move about your data.

Traditionally, you freeze panes through the View > Freeze menu, but there is another quicker way.

Hover over the bottom of the column heading letters until you see the hand icon, like this:

Using Google Sheets drag handle to freeze panes

Click and hold down your mouse button, and then drag the thick line down:

Using Google Sheets drag handle to freeze panes

Let go when you’ve reached the row level you want to freeze (in this case, just the top row):

Google Sheets freeze panes

This technique also works for freezing columns!

(This was tip #25 and was originally published on 12 November)

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