Ben Collins - Google Workspace GDEHello! I’m Ben Collins, educator, writer, developer and founder of The Collins School of Data.

I create online courses and write about Google Workspace tools. I focus on data analysis and automation, using Google Sheets and Apps Script.

I love building lightweight, data-driven applications for the Google stack: Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Google Apps Script, Google Docs, Gmail, etc.

Google Developer Expert 2024


In 2014 I quit my corporate job as a forensic accountant. I took a long bike trip, got married, and thought seriously about starting a paid accounting industry newsletter. (Spoiler alert – I didn’t. I came to my senses in the nick of time!)

In 2015 I wrote my first blog post about building dashboards in Google Sheets, which led to my first consulting client. I also taught data analysis courses for General Assembly.

In 2016 I doubled down on Google tools and continued consulting and teaching workshops.

In 2017 I launched my first online course – Build Dashboards with Google Sheets – teaching professional spreadsheet techniques.

In 2019 I became a Google Developer Expert for Google Workspace Technology, one of only about 30 worldwide for the Google Workspace Technology branch. The GDE award is given out by Google to experienced, recognized developers of Google technologies (learn more about the program in this short film).

In 2020 I launched a new website, Excel To Sheets (to help you migrate from Excel to Sheets) and created the online conference SheetsCon.

In 2021 I ran two live, online training programs called Pro Sheets Accelerator.

Also in that year, I became a Google Cloud Champion Innovator.

In 2022, I was tired. 🤪 I launched two courses: The QUERY Function in Google Sheets and the Lambda Functions: 10 Day Challenge.

In 2023, I created and launched my 20th course: Beginner Apps Script. I also started using AI tools heavily and launched my 21st course: The AI Playbook for Google Sheets

I’m currently working on the next big thing for my community. Stay tuned!

When not crunching data, I love to spend time with my beautiful wife, Lexi, our two sons, my family and friends. We’re avid outdoors people, and get out hiking, cycling, traveling, cooking and eating outside as often as possible.

I’m a dedicated hiker, cyclist, paddle-boarder, and climber. I also enjoy digital photography and documenting adventures in far-flung places.

More at bencollinsoutdoors.com

If you’re interested, here’s a long story of How I Left My Corporate Accounting Job 7 Years Ago And Built A Career As An Educational Entrepreneur.

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