Ben Collins GDEHello! I’m an educator, writer, developer and founder of The Collins School of Data.

I create online courses and write about working with data, with a particular focus on how-to articles for learning data analytics and building dashboards, using Google Sheets, Apps Script and Data Studio.

Since 2017 I’ve released 10 online courses teaching professional spreadsheet techniques, including:

I love building lightweight, data-driven applications for the Google stack: Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Google Apps Script, Google Docs, Gmail, etc.

In 2019, I became a Google Developer Expert for G Suite Technology, one of only 31 worldwide for the G Suite Technology branch. The GDE award is given out by Google to experienced, recognized developers of Google technologies (learn more about the program in this short film).

In January 2020, I launched a new website, Excel To Sheets, specifically to help you migrate from Excel to Sheets. A lot of myths exist around Google Sheets — Small data! No macros! Most of them are untrue, but they can hamper adoption of Google Sheets. I help organizations solve this problem by providing training to make the transition to Google Sheets as quick and easy as possible. And in the process, I get teams excited about using Google Sheets.

General_Assembly_logoSince mid-2015, I’ve been working as a freelance spreadsheet developer, data consultant and instructor. I’ve taught data analysis and visualization courses and workshops at General Assembly’s Washington, D.C., campus and privately for clients.

Prior to this, I worked for over seven years as a specialist Forensic Accountant, with a focus on data analysis in the regulatory industry, using Excel and SQL. Full details on my Linkedin profile.

When not crunching data, I love to spend time with my beautiful wife, Lexi, our two sons, my family and friends. We’re avid outdoors people, and get out hiking, cycling, traveling, cooking and eating outside as often as possible.

I’m a passionate (ultra-) runner, cyclist, trekker and climber. I also enjoy digital photography and documenting adventures in far-flung places.

Live vicariously at bencollinsoutdoors.com

If you’re curious what tools I use to run my business, have a read of this page (some affiliate links).


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