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Spice Up Your Sheet Life Ebook

This book contains 35 detailed case studies, covering practical and esoteric, easy and difficult, short and long, Excel and Google Sheet tricks and techniques. My hope is that you’ll find some magic in these pages, to inspire you or show you new ways to use spreadsheets you didn’t know were possible.

For example, did you know you can build a language translation tool in a Google sheet? Or create a chart of stock prices in under 30 seconds? All possible and covered in these pages!

Thank you for all the great excel “hacks” and so on!!! It’s really helpful. – A reader from Germany

What about other weird tricks like looking up leftwards with VLOOKUP? Or lookups with multiple criteria? Writing SQL code in your spreadsheets? Check, check and check. All possible and covered in this book.

Great! – A reader from Melbourne, Australia

Wow! Really nice job – A reader from Washington, D.C., USA

Already am enjoying it – A reader from Virginia, USA

11 thoughts on “Spice Up Your Sheet Life Ebook”

  1. Regarding “Conditional formatting of a whole row based on single column” – How would I set it up so that it would highlight an entire row based on whether the date in one column was over 1 year old. I have a sheet w/ apartment building sales b/c we sell them and when we need to offer an opinion of value for a property we use only building sold within the past year. I update it about every 2-3 weeks and currently have ‘Sale Date’ as one of the columns and I use conditional formatting to highlight that one cell red if it’s older than one year, can I make the entire row turn red? Here’s a screenshot of what I currently have: https://goo.gl/fDEYtL – Thanks!

    1. Hey Matt,

      You can do this using the custom formula option in Conditional Formatting. Try this formula, where you can change A2:L14 to match your table range:

      =$F2 < today() - 365

      The key component of the formula is to have the $ sign in front of the F (but not in front of the 2), so that the test is only applied to that column.

      Hope that helps!


  2. Hello Ben,
    I signed up and confirmed my email but I am still confused where I can download a copy of your book. Thank you!

    1. Hey Vladimir,

      You should have received an email (check your promotions tab in Gmail or your spam folder) from me with a link to the ebook. Click the link and it’ll open the pdf in a new tab of your browser, where you can right click to download to your computer.

      Hope that helps! Email me at ben [at] benlcollins.com if you’re still having problems!


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