Affiliate Program Information

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, please drop me a line here.

Let me know why you’re interested and a little bit about your online platform.

How the affiliate program works:

I will generate a unique affiliate code for you to use for your affiliate sales. Anyone who signs up by clicking on your links will tagged to your affiliate account.

You’ll earn 30% commission on each sale. It’s based on browser cookies that last 180 days, so even if the person clicks the link but then comes back several days, weeks or even months later to actually make the purchase, you’ll still get the commission.

You’ll be paid 30 days after the end of the month in which the sales are made.

Once you become an affiliate you’ll need to login to Teachable, where you should see a new button in your top menu bar called Admin. Clicking Admin will take you to the affiliate area, where you can see all the details of your affiliate program.

Payment is made through PayPal, which you add through the menu:
Admin > Payout Details

For more information about the setup, see affiliate article from Teachable.