How To Zoom In And How To Zoom Out In Google Sheets

Google Sheets Zoom

Under the menu View > Zoom you can control the zoom level of your Sheet, from 50% up to 200%:

zoom in google sheets

There are no shortcut keys to zoom in or zoom out in Google Sheets.

Browser Zoom

You also have the option to zoom in or out with your browser:

Browser zoom in Google Sheets

In Google Chrome, try the following menu options in your Browser menu:

View > Zoom In
View > Zoom Out

or use the shortcuts on a PC:

Ctrl and +
Ctrl and -

or on a Mac:

⌘ and +
⌘ and -

In the main bar of your browser, on the right side next to the bookmark star, you’ll see a magnifying glass and an indication of what zoom level you’re at (see the image above). There’s also a quick option to Reset back to 100% zoom level.

Zoom status in Google Chrome browser

Pro tip:

To quickly enter full-screen mode on a PC, press:


or, on a Mac, press:

⌘ and Ctrl and F

Press these same shortcuts again to exit full-screen mode.

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