Apps Script Examples

Find the Apps Script code you’re after with these examples and tutorials. Click the link to view the article.

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New to Apps Script?

> Guide to getting started with Apps Script (for absolute beginners)

General Apps Script Examples

> Saving data in your Google Sheets with Apps Script

> How to set up time-based triggers to run your Apps Script code

> How to add a hyperlinked index sheet to your large Google Sheet workbooks

> How to add a hyperlinked index into a sidebar of your Google Sheet workbooks

Integration Apps Script Examples

> Guide to getting started with APIs using Apps Script

> Google Sheets Slack bot: how to push data from your Google Sheets into the popular messaging app

> Google Sheets and D3 charts

> How to extract email addresses tagged with a specific Gmail label

> Connecting to the Crunchbase API with Google Sheets

> Google Sheets and Mailchimp integration using Apps Script

> How to get data from E-junkie into Google Sheets

Data Visualization Examples

> How to automatically create waterfall charts using Apps Script

> How to automatically create funnel charts using Apps Script

> Recreating Tufte’s famous temperature chart with the Google Chart API

> Animated temperature chart using the Google Chart API

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4 thoughts on “Apps Script Examples”

  1. Hello, Ben

    Thank you for the info shared on scripts for Google Sheets, was really helpful to get me stared on getting a few things fixed in my sheets.

    By the way, do you perhaps have a fix to have Grouped Columns and Rows as available in Excel for Google Sheets/


  2. Dear Ben,
    Very interesting post and useful. I want to know is it possible to build web app that act as database with webpage at front end and spreadsheet at back end. Something similar to ms access?

    Thank you

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